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Check-in between 14:00 en 18:00 hours

Open from the 15th of March until the 1st of October


The sanitary facilities include a central room with showers and wash-basins, two separate toilet units and a stainless steel sink with several basins. 

Camping is a pleasure with good sanitary facilities. You can have a wonderful hot shower in the modern, spacious showers. Sensor taps, no coin system. The central room has three spacious showers, one of which is suitable for families. Each of the shower stalls has a small wooden.

The toilets are in a separate unit just outside the shower rooms. The unit contains separate toilets for women and men.

The dish-washing can be done at one of the three stainless steel sinks, situated outdoors but under a canopy. Hot water is available from a separate tap right next to the countertop. Washing bowls are available, as wells as wipers and cleaning-rags to keep the sinks clean.

There’s an additional tap (cold water only) in the centre of the camping, where you can fill your bucket or jerry-can.

Waste disposal
We separate waste as much as possible. Glass, paper, plastic and organic waste goes in designated bins next to the toilet units. Chemical (portable) toilets can be emptied into the specially designed stainless steel tank behind the toilet units. A garden hose with spray nozzle will allow for easy cleaning of your portable toilet.